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Designing the Perfect Blog Feature

Designing the Perfect Blog Feature

Stand Out from the Crowd

Designing the perfect blog feature looks different for every company. Here at Roundpeg, we’ve been through many designs, allowing us to test which designs work best. Since the featured image is the first thing people see on social media, we want an image which grabs readers’ attention right away.

Featured images link and support a blog article or web page and by default, they are pulled first when sharing the link on any social platform. Sharing the blog links on social media creates the perfect opportunity to create a great looking social share with a catchy title to ensure people want to read your content.

When I first started at Roundpeg, we had a design style which relied on colorful stock photography  related to the blog subject. Each was unique and eye catching, but did little to build our overall brand identity.

We began testing blog designs that were on-brand and off-brand, allowing us to show off our fun and creative side. By rotating the styles of blog features, we saw what people were drawn to and eventually had discussions about what impressions we want to give people as soon as they see a post from us.

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