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Gangwar clarifies on death of migrant workers

Gangwar clarifies on death of migrant workers

The labour and employment minister Santosh Kumar Gangwar on Wednesday said labour is in the concurrent list and therefore, both state and central governments can legislate on the issues as he attempted to clarify over his earlier response on migrant labourers in the Parliament which had resulted in lot of criticism and anguish from the opposition.

“Further, most of the central labour acts including the migrant labour Act is being implemented exclusively by the state government,” he said, outlining at least half-a-dozen initiatives by the government to address the issue of migrant workers.

“On the basis of information collected from various state governments, around one crore migrant workers have gone back to their source state during COVID-19,” labour minister Gangwar said.

“As per the provisions of the Migrant Labour Act, the registration of the migrant workers is to be done by the respective state governments and the data has to be maintained by the state governments,” he said.

“However, in the unprecedented scenario of COVID-19, the ministry of labour and employment took the initiatives to collect the data of migrant workers who are going to their home states during lockdown,” minister Gangwar added.

Gangwar, had, on Monday said in the Lok Sabha that the government has no record of deaths of migrant workers during the pandemic and hence the question of compensation does not arise. He had said this in response to a Parliamentary question.

Labour ministry estimate shows the highest proportion of migrant workers are construction workers. “Till date, about two crore migrant workers have been provided Rs 5000 crores directly in their bank accounts from Building & Other Construction Workers’ cess fund being maintained by various States.

Besides, more than 15000 complaints of the workers were resolved through the 20 control rooms set up by the ministry consequent to which more than two lakh workers were paid their due wages amounting to about Rs 295 crores.

“Further, the government has initiated the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyan in 116 districts to facilitate employment of migrant workers who have gone back to their home state,”he said. Under this campaign, rural infrastructure would be built with involvement of these migrant workers and about Rs 50,000 crore would be spent for this purpose.

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