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It is not as difficult as people have said, but then again I took it just out of college (so everything was still somewhat fresh) and I have always been stupid good at cramming and remembering stuff for the test then forgetting it.

I used the lazy man method described on this sub many times, and only studied for 10-15 days for each section by just doing an ungodly amount of MCQs, listening to ninja audio twice while on walks AFTER I had started MCQs so I had a feeling for what I didn’t know and the day before watching the ninja blitz videos on all the stuff I was still struggling with. I failed 2 parts (a 67 and a 74) and got 81, 82, 83, 89 on passing all sections. Since they took away the restriction about only taking each part once per quarter, I feel it has gotten a lot easier. Since you can just immediately sign up to take the part you missed again and just study the parts you had trouble with before it gets out. It wasn’t exactly cheap, and it did obviously take a decent number of my non-working hours, but it is very doable for most accountants that push themselves to do it.

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