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Work With Renewables Leader Iberdrola To Automate Transmission Construction

Work With Renewables Leader Iberdrola To Automate Transmission Construction

Iberdrola has more than 1.1 million km of electric transmission and distribution power lines, distributed in the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Spain. As part of this network, there are more than 4.400 high to medium voltage substations and more than 1.5 million medium to low voltage distribution transformers, all built and operated to provide high quality and reliable service to a total of 31 million of electricity supply points.

Furthermore, the company is a pioneer in the digitization of its networks through the development of smart grids, the integration of storage solutions, and the deployment of electric vehicle charging stations.

Now, Iberdrola launches a new startup challenge through its international startup program, called PERSEO. This time, the challenge is looking for innovative solutions that allow for the optimization of electric transmission networks through improving the efficiency and productivity of the various construction processes.

Automating The Construction Of Electric Transmission Facilities

More and more transmission networks are needed to facilitate the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables and transport this green energy to the load centers and customers. These new facilities are built within a regulatory competition framework, where different operators compete to build and operate the facilities in the most efficient way. Because of this, the construction of these facilities plays a very important role in establishing which operators are the most competitive, resulting in optimal construction schedules and efficient CAPEX always guaranteeing correct operation and maintenance once the installation is in service.

To minimize the impact of these new facilities on both the environment and cost to consumers it’s essential to identify innovative and efficient ways to improve construction techniques for both transmission substations and lines.

Seeking Solutions To Automate Substation & Line Construction

Iberdrola is seeking constructive solutions that allow the group to accelerate the in-service date of the facilities, reducing construction times and the required CAPEX.

The energy leader is therefore interested in:

  • Solutions that extend construction work hours — through the use of automation and robotics, for example — up to 24 hours.
  • Solutions that are based on the automation of construction processes, improve the efficiency and/or safe working environment of the crews.
  • Solutions that minimize the impact of pandemics or other events that may restrict crew access and activity at construction sites

Specifically, the proposals must refer to the improvement in construction time and CAPEX of at least some of the following construction activities for electric transmission facilities, with special attention to those related to civil works:


  • Civil works:
    • Substation platform construction
    • Foundations (on-site/pre-fac)
    • Cable trenches
  • Above groundworks (BOP):
    • Cable laying
    • Structures erection

Lines (overhead/underground):

  • Civil works:
    • Access roads/pad construction
    • Towers/poles foundations
    • Cable trenches/conduit
    • Above groundworks:
      • Towers/poles erection
      • Stringing:
        • pilot wire, conductors, earth wire, OPGW, multi-phase conductors
        • spacers, dampers, and deflectors (eliminate any basket work)
  • Cable laying: multi-phase conductors

All proposals will be analyzed based on criteria of scalability, replicability, ease of implementation, and reduction of costs and construction times. The analysis will be carried out by experts in the transmission development and construction department of Iberdrola.

Collaborate On A Pilot & Scale Your Technology

The Iberdrola Startup Challenge offers you a unique opportunity to field test your solution in a real environment spanning four countries, more than 4.400 high to medium voltage substations, more than 1.1 million km of electric transmission and distribution power lines, and a total of 31 million of electricity supply points. The pilot project will be developed in collaboration with the technical specialists from the Iberdrola Network area.

Overall, the Startup Challenge includes the following benefits:

  • The winner of the challenge will sign a partnership contract with Iberdrola
  • The Challenge offers to test your technology in Iberdrola’s networks
  • If the pilot succeeds, Iberdrola will add solutions to its current portfolio
  • The Challenge offers the possibility to scale your technology into more of Iberdrola’s regions and assets
  • Perseo, the VC arm of Iberdrola, might consider an investment

Sounds good? Apply via the Iberdrola Startup Challenge website now to scale your technology!


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